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Valuing Good Sportsmanship

AMYAA is devoted to fair play and sportsmanship. Our number one priority is that players who choose to play in our league enjoy their experience and create lasting, positive memories. We expect that all participants in our league - including Coaches, Players, Parents and Officials - have the same mindset and contribute to building the exceptional experience for all those involved in the game.

Girls Softball

Recreational Program


T-Ball: Girls aged 4-5 with little to no softball knowledge


Rookie: Girls aged 6-8; coach-pitch division


Minors: Girls aged 9-11 in 4th and 5th grades; pitching is introduced


Majors: Girls aged 11-14 in 6th through 8th grade; competitive play with playoffs.


Travel Softball

Travel Program

Visit HuskiesSoftball.com for more info.



Girls Basketball

Recreational Program


Pee Wee: Clinic league for kindergartners & 1st graders


Mighty Mite: 2nd & 3rd graders


Junior Varsity: 4th & 5th graders


Varsity: 6th through 8th graders

Travel Basketball

Rec-Based Travel Program

AMYAA is developing several travel basketball teams to play at a more competitive level with teams in the Central NJ area.

Travel teams open to participants of our Recreational Basketball Program.

5 Reasons Your Kid Should Play Youth Sports

Sports boost self-esteem

Children learn to be confident on the field. Seeing their hard work pay off has a positive impact on their self-esteem. When kids achieve their goals on the field it teaches them they can achieve any other goal they set later in life.

Playing sports helps develop teamwork and leadership skills

Working as a team to reach a common goal helps children develop communication and problem solving skills that will benefit them on the field and off.

It’s a natural stress reliever

Exercise is a great way for kids to loosen up and let go. Sports also help kids develop tight bonds with their teammates which will provide them with a support system.

Kids develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits

Regular physical activity improves a child’s fitness and helps them to stay in shape.

It's fun!

The memories made playing youth sports will last a lifetime. You will never forget the memory of scoring the winning run in the Youth Softball Championship, or the words to the endless cheers you shouted from the dugout.

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